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Phil and Geri Ann Privette have been ministers of the gospel for 30 years.  Starting out as Children’s Pastors at Victory Life Church in Hampton, Virginia in 1985, Phil and Geri Ann were groomed and mentored in every office of the ministry by Phil’s parents and pastors, Phillip and Barbara Privette....

our ministers:
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Phil Privette, Jr.

    Growing up in a household of faith, Phil learned early that the miraculous could be commonplace. Seeing his brother raised from the dead and made whole at the age of nine through the faith of his father; experiencing his own miraculous recovery from an accident at age 12; healed of a life-threatening lung disease at age 25, Phil eventually moved into the realm of the supernatural in his own revival meetings which he began while serving as Youth Pastor at VLC. Whether walking off stage into midair under the power of the anointing during a youth camp service in West Virginia, or laying hands on a woman in North Carolina with a softball-sized tumor on the side of her face only to watch it fall off and dissipate, this “Man of Fire”, as he is known in Peru, has been instrumental in the miraculous for his generation.

  Having attended, graduated and received ordination from RHEMA Bible Training Center in 1994, Phil traveled to specific Holy Ghost meetings over a period of 10 years to personally assist the late Kenneth E. Hagin and was privileged to sit at his feet and glean from the man of God.  Carrying a similar anointing to bring healing and wholeness to his own generation, Phil’'s ministerial opportunities have taken him throughout the United States as well as to England, Mexico, Peru, and India.

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Geri Ann Privette

    Also growing up in a spiritually-alive environment, Geri Ann learned faith for healing at the young age of 12 when she prayed over herself and watched a tumor on her foot disappear.  Miracles became commonplace as her parents and the ministries of Oral Roberts and Kathryn Kuhlman taught her to “expect a miracle”. Traveling some years later with Impact Productions, a mime and dance company from Oklahoma, she continued her training in faith as her prayers for healing witnessed the growth and extension of a young girl’s leg.

     Serving beside her husband in the early revival meetings strengthened their purpose to bring the power and anointing of God to their generation. While at Victory Life Church, Geri Ann served as Accounts Director, Bible School Instructor, Missionettes Coordinator and Arts Department Director.  Her love of worship became a catalyst for the establishment of a professional dance company, Throne Room Arts. Geri Ann continues to share her passion for worship and the arts through personal instruction and teaching.

     Geri Ann is a published author, with her first inspirational book, Whispers of Wisdom, available through AuthorHouse and Amazon.  She also teaches during their meetings and crusades and ministers occasionally in song.

Tiffany Sowers

    Being raised in a Christian home, Tiffany realized early that ministry was her heart’s cry.  Throughout the middle and high school years, she served on the Victory Life youth praise and worship team, eventually becoming the lead vocalist and team leader. Studying music at Liberty University solidified her hunger for worship and ministry yet she decided to return to VLC to continue her spiritual training.  While there, Tiffany began operating in the office of music instructor, teaching piano to children ages 4 to 14, while also mentoring teens in their walk with God.

     In 2009, Tiffany’s parents left Virginia for Weston, FL, to embark on a new phase of ministry.  Serving as Music Director for Turning Point Church for a season led her to where she is now, the full-time Minister of Music at her home church, Victory Life, in Hampton, VA while her parents itinerate. 

     Tiffany became Mrs. David Sowers on Oct. 9, 2015 and gave birth to their first daughter, Addison,  in 2017. Tiffany is excited to share a love of music and worship and is instrumental to the ministry as she assists her parents in the administration, resources and media of TPIM.  On occasion, she is able to travel with Phil and Geri Ann, bringing her gift of worship to the crusades.


Ministering the Word with Power across the globe!

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